Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yes, Please!

My review of Of Mice And Men will be up a bit later today, but I simply had to share this bit of loveliness with you:

Book Snob is hosting a readalong of Persuasion in September. Given the fact that Persuasion might be my favorite Austen, I will definitely be joining in the festivities! Plus, the button is just to die for!

If you want more details, go here. Hope to see you there!


Meredith said...

Thanks for telling me, I just may have to join this although it's already September 3! As to your YA plan, from the top post, it sounds good to me. I know next to nothing about YA books, but I know we need to do what pleases us when we go back to school!

Read the Book said...

Thanks, Bellezza! I'm pretty excited about reading Persuasion again. It's a pretty casual readalong, and please note that reading BEGINS September 18! As to the YA, I've been reading a lot more of it over the past year, and I think it really helps me to point students to the right book. I'm teaching a class this year where daily leisure reading is required EVERY DAY, which is pretty exciting for a high school class.

I'm VERY excited to go back to school, and I can't wait to meet my students on Tuesday! Hope your first few weeks back have been good!