Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Since May 30

I have been quite the busy bee! Here's what I've been doing for the last week and a half:

1. Grading, grading, grading: In the course of four short days I graded 55 research papers, 75 semester exams, and lots and lots of smaller homework assignments and quizzes. I am exhausted!

2. Moving my classroom: In the midst of all the grading craziness, I also had to pack up and move my classroom. It involved a lot of stairs and boxes of books.

3. Driving 1600 miles: For the next three weeks, I will be visiting friends in North Carolina and Tennessee. Because I am insane, I drove from North Dakota.

4. Sleeping: I hope this is self-explanatory.

5. Finishing four books: I FINALLY finished Frankenstein with my seniors, and I still loathe it as much as ever. I also finished listening to Dragonfly in Amber (audiobooks are a MUST on long roadtrips!), and I gave in and read Attachments again (I think it might become my go-to comfort read). I also listened to the very enthralling Delirium, which I think gave me a cramp in my neck because I got so tense while listening! On the plus side, Delirium helped me ignore the fact that I had to drive in West Virginia for three hours.

I don't know how much I'll be around in the next few weeks, but I will be reading! Happy summer!