Monday, July 11, 2011

"How Harry Saved Reading"

I found this extremely interesting article over at Dickensblog. I didn't intend for the blog to have a Harry Potter theme this month, but it's sort of happening, so I'll just go with it!

The article details the Harry Potter phenomenon and then shows how Rowling was influenced by Charles Dickens. It also touches on the fact that Harry Potter made kids want to read again; the best part is, it was a well-written series of books that brought many kids back to the reading fold (*ahem-ahem* Twilight, I'm looking at you...)

Here's the link:


Meredith said...

I haven't read the Dickensblog post you left the link to, but I whole heartedly concur that J. K. Rowling brought children back to the joy of reading. My own dear son was in remedial reading for three years until he began the Potter series. Suddenly, he was hooked, and I saw this over and over again with children in my class as well. Bravo, Ms. Rowling, for that at the very least.

Read the Book said...

I agree, Bellezza! It makes me so angry when people support popular books for their appeal even if they are terribly written. I always want to say, "look at Harry Potter! Kids loved it, AND it was well written!" There really are no excuses (again, I really got tired of people saying this about Twilight, which is probably where a lot of my desire to get on a soap box comes from ;) ).

Thanks for stopping by!