Saturday, April 10, 2010

24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Hour 8

Books currently reading: Gardens of Water, Shades of Grey
Books finished: Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
Times spent reading: 2 1/2 hours (*hangs head in shame*)

Book club was FANTASTIC (we call ourselves the Jane Austen Book Club because the first book we read together was Northanger Abby), and I am excited to plow through the school things I need to get done (planning, grading outlines, brushing up on Midsummer Night's Dream) so I can spend the majority of my evening reading. I might not get many books finished, but I am thankful that this read-a-thon is inspiring me to read more than I usually would on a Saturday.


Valerie said...

Your book club sounds so cool. Enjoy what reading you can get done during the readathon!

Read the Book said...

Thanks, Valerie. We are all spread out, but it is the highlight of my month when we meet!