Saturday, March 6, 2010


No one should be surprised that I absolutely couldn't resist doing this meme as soon as I found it. Gina over at Dickensblog tweaked it from another blog (and her site is great, so you should go visit!). Yet more evidence that my love for Charles Dickens borders on the obsessive...

Warning: my answers do contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk!

1.Which Dickens character are you secretly in love with? Arthur Clennam, hands down.
2.Which Dickens character would you most like to be? Oooo, this one is hard. I'll go with Amy Dorritt (yes, it is because she gets to marry Arthur Clennam, and she is just delightful!).
3.Which Dickens character do you think most resembles you? Um...I relate a lot to David Copperfield's love of books, and I love his description of how reading sort of saved him from his stepfather.
4.Which Dickens book have you read the most times? I'm still working my way through reading all of them, but I have read Our Mutual Friend and A Tale of Two Cities twice.
5.How old were you when you read your first Dickens book? Does a Mickey Christmas Carol count? I was in seventh grade when I read A Christmas Carol.
6.What is the worst Dickens book you've read? I don't really think there can BE a bad Dickens book, but I reacted badly to both A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist (fear not! I will reread them eventually!) before A Tale of Two Cities opened my eyes to the perfection that is Dickens.
7.What is the best Dickens book you've read? Currently, Our Mutual Friend and Little Dorrit are duking it out for this honor (Little Dorrit is winning).
8.What Dickens book would you most like to see made into a new movie and/or miniseries? Hmmm....I like the old version of Our Mutual Friend, but I would love to see it updated. A Tale of Two Cities could stand to overcome the bad hair of the most recent version.
9.What Dickens book would you least like to see made into a new movie and/or miniseries? Uh...again, probably all of Dickens' work should be made into movies, but I would probably have to say the Mystery of Edwin Drood.
10.What is the most difficult Dickens book you've read? Bleak House. I've started it at least three times, but I always get distracted (it could also have something to do with the fact that I know that Richard is going to die and it is going to be awful...)
11.What is your desert island Dickens book? Ooooo....this is so hard! I know, I'll cheat! I would like an omnibus edition that had Little Dorrit, Our Mutual Friend, and some of Dickens' essays (which are HILARIOUS!).


Anonymous said...

Jo, I'm so glad you enjoyed the meme! I hadn't thought about "Mickey's Christmas Carol" -- I used to watch it obsessively from the time I was nine or ten . . . even before I knew there was a Dickens! Hmm, interesting. :-)

Read the Book said...

Did you ever see the cartoon version of David Copperfield with cats? I loved that too...Dickens-lovers even from a young age!

Unknown said...

Hi Jo, I'm loving your blog, too! If you can suggest for me to read LD, then I say that you MUST finish Bleak House - it's so worth it, it's even better than the series! And now I'm going to have to read some of Dickens essays. Sigh. I can't get away from the man. ;)

And I don't mean to hijack the comments thread, but I've seen just about every version of DC except the cats version. Maybe I'll have to try it. What kind of animal did they make Uriah Heep? :S