Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Since May 30

I have been quite the busy bee! Here's what I've been doing for the last week and a half:

1. Grading, grading, grading: In the course of four short days I graded 55 research papers, 75 semester exams, and lots and lots of smaller homework assignments and quizzes. I am exhausted!

2. Moving my classroom: In the midst of all the grading craziness, I also had to pack up and move my classroom. It involved a lot of stairs and boxes of books.

3. Driving 1600 miles: For the next three weeks, I will be visiting friends in North Carolina and Tennessee. Because I am insane, I drove from North Dakota.

4. Sleeping: I hope this is self-explanatory.

5. Finishing four books: I FINALLY finished Frankenstein with my seniors, and I still loathe it as much as ever. I also finished listening to Dragonfly in Amber (audiobooks are a MUST on long roadtrips!), and I gave in and read Attachments again (I think it might become my go-to comfort read). I also listened to the very enthralling Delirium, which I think gave me a cramp in my neck because I got so tense while listening! On the plus side, Delirium helped me ignore the fact that I had to drive in West Virginia for three hours.

I don't know how much I'll be around in the next few weeks, but I will be reading! Happy summer!


Meredith said...

I cannot imagine doing that much grading (or driving, for that matter)! You are very brave, and industrious, and I am quite impressed. I love audio-books, too, especially for long drives. I'm even going to pick up Hemingway's A Moveable Feast on CD in the hopes that I can listen to it while driving around. I'm seriously running out of reading time, and summer's only just begun!

Read the Book said...

Thanks, Bellezza! It's one of those things where you can only survive it if you don't think about it too much :)

I hope you find more reading time as the summer progresses!

Wallace said...

Ugh, I remember grading (not fondly) and moving classrooms is tough! I didn't even like taking mine down at the end of the year just to put it all back up again in the fall. Kuddos to you for being done! Happy reading on your vacation! (And yay for Dragonfly in Amber... I am speeding through it right now).

Read the Book said...

Wallace, I know! And I don't even have words for Dragonfly. I hope you review it because I can't wait to hear what you thought!

And what did you teach?

JoAnn said...

Now that the work is done, you can enjoy your travels. Have a great time!!

Becky said...

Even reading this, with all the grading, made me shudder. Summer hasn't completely been relaxing on my end, since I teach summer classes, but at least I don't have that intensity that comes with lesson planning and grading.

I hope it's all going well and you're enjoying your summer!

Read the Book said...

Thanks, Becky! Summer is awesome even with the continuing school commitments!